Why us?

Do you still have doubts about changing your school? Pay 2 minutes of your time and we will dispel your doubts. The choice is obvious!

New format of studying

What does it mean? It is a new approach when pupils get the essential knowledge in 21 century.

Psychological support

Each pupil has a personality. And sometimes they may need professional help.

All certificates are confirmed by the government

Your child studies in a private lyceum but gets secondary school certificates that are confirmed by the government.

ZNO and DPA preparation

Do you still hire tutors for your child? In our lyceum you can pass exams without tutors. School lessons are enough for it.

Lyceum «Perspectyvy» - it is:

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Why is private school in Brovary a great choice?

Private school in Brovary. All parents want their child to study in a good school with a creative atmosphere, where teachers treat pupils fairly and help them, where pupils are friendly and get great results from ZNO exams. And if you want to choose our school you are about to make a good decision.

Benefits we offer:

  1. Good education which is possible due to
    – Good equipment in each room
    – Better books that we use
    – Professional teachers
    – All children and parents are interested in quality education which is often impossible in usual schools.

2. Diversity of other activities, classes and clubs

3. Healthcare and physical development of pupils.

4. Implementing effective techniques of studying

5. Psychological support of each pupil and healthy comfortable environment

6. A few children in each class. (not more than 10 children)

7. Special approach of teachers (Our format is ‘teacher – tutor’)

8. Graduating our school gives big chance to enter the best universities and
academies of Ukraine or abroad.

We shouldn’t forget that fee-based education is new for Ukraine. Although it is developing and
improving, every year private institutions become better. Moreover legislation is improving so
institutions which don’t correspond to it lose license and shut down.
Safety and comfort of children have always been our priority. That’s why you can be sure that
your child will have a microscope on biology lessons, will play on the safe playground and will
have healthy and delicious food for lunch.

Of course, it is always possible to find disadvantages (for example, price or location of the
school) but it can be fixed. And if we talk about the future of your child, it is obvious that private
school in Brovary is the best option.